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Doing business in the information age requires greater use of the internet. With this more extensive use comes considerable risk. Your organization needs to be protected both internally and externally. Threats such as viruses, hackers, employee abuse and denial-of-services attacks can bring the productivity of your organization to a standstill. SirusNet can provide solutions that eliminate existing threats and maintain a secure environment for your organization into the future. By assisting you in the selection of policies and technologies aimed at the protection of your organization, SirusNet enables you to conduct business confidently in the information age.

Policy setting - what rule sets are applied to your security system.
Monitoring - how you receive feedback from your security system and initiate changes based on that feedback.

Firewall - control of traffic is maintained by NAT, ACL, or Stateful Packet Inspection.
On-site security risk evaluation - our experts expose your vulnerabilities and make recommendations for a secure environment.

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