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Outlook Express 6

Outlook Express 6 Set-up Procedure:

1. Click on Outlook Express and go to Tools. In the Tools drop down menu go to Accounts.

2. Once in Accounts click on the Mail tab. Select Add on the right and select Mail

3. In the first window enter the name to appear on the email being sent.  This may be different from the user login name such as login jsmith but full name John Smith. Then click Next

4. Next enter the E-mail address, which is your Then click Next

5. Next enter the POP3 and SMTP Mail server names (Same as below)

6. Now enter the username and password supplied by SirusNet. Once entered select "Remember Password" only if you do not want to enter it each time you start the mail system.

7. You are now done. Click Finish.

8. Click Close in the Internet Accounts window
9. Go to the Inbox and click the Send/Recv button.