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Help Desk

Help Desk Call Center


1111In today's world of complex business technology, many organizations are burdened with the task of continuously troubleshooting relatively minor issues raised by their computer network users. Highly trained Information Technology staff members are forced to react to user-related issues, instead of working proactively to increase the efficiency of their organizations. Let Sirus Networks Help Desk Call Center alleviate the burden of first level support, and enable your technical staff to focus on matters of greater importance. Sirus Networks will provide your organization's users with a first line of defense for most issues. (See the sample scope of services below).

Summary Scope of Services:

Service includes the 1st Level support (as defined below) of non-proprietary Operation Systems and Applications, issue identification of proprietary applications, and routing of un-resolved issues to the appropriate Customer IT Staff for final resolution. Sirus Networks will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Customer calls according to the priority level of the call. Sirus Networks will ensure the Customer's call is resolved within a commercially reasonable period.

Detailed Scope of Services:

Response within Commercially responsible period:

-Sirus Networks Help Desk call center will attempt to answer all calls personally.

-In the instance that all Sirus Networks Help Desk Representatives are addressing other callers, the users call shall be queued in phone system for next available representative.

-All queued calls shall be addressed in a period of no greater than 15 minutes.

- User will have the option to stay in the queued system or leave a detailed voicemail for issues of low-priority in nature.

-Voice mails of low priority shall be returned within a period of no greater than 30 minutes.

Identify the problem/issue with Customer's employee.

First Level Support of non-proprietary Operating Systems and Applications (Microsoft, Novell, Lotus)

-Settings Evaluation (ie. E-mail, network, printer, monitor)

-Evaluation of network properties.

Proprietary Operating Systems and Applications (Industry Specific ERP, EDI, ADP, UNIX, LINUX, AIX, HPUX, AS-400, IB3270)

-Identification of program specific to the problem.

-Initial diagnoses and trouble shoot (i.e. Power, network settings, reboot)

Trouble Ticket Routing of non-resolved issues

-Sirus Networks Help Desk will route all non-resolved issues to the appropriate Customer IT Staff for resolution.

-Issues shall be routed in terms of specific Operating System or Application, sensitivity of issue, and geographic location of Customer's employee.  

Hours of Service Availability:

Payment of the standard Service Charges entitles Customer to Service during the Principle Period of Support (PPS). The PPS is between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM, local time (EST), Monday though Friday, and excludes Sirus Networks published holidays. All Service subsequently added shall have the same PPS, unless otherwise stipulated.